Assessment Programme

The Programme

The Programme consists of a 4 day course and is residential for one single client guest at any one time.

The course is designed to maximise and focus attention on one guest spending time in the country home of the owner (Couples may be considered upon special request). Full en suite private accommodation and all meals are provided.

Each client guest will be offered a detailed personal assessment on arrival, comprising a body composition analysis and physiological status check. These tests are what are termed ‘sub-maximal’, they are not concerned with athletic performance, but are structured to enable each guest to better appreciate their current physical abilities.

An important element of the course is nutritional requirement and this will be carefully assessed by daily monitoring. Food selection and its preparation can be a vital part of each day and by the end of the course the client will know his or her healthy balance for a healthier future.

The daily routine is totally flexible and varied according to each guests’ personal choice, though some part will involve being outdoors (whatever the weather!) – quite often just outside the back door, so suitable clothing should be brought. The safety and comfort of guests will be always the first priority.